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As the driving force behind my role, I am responsible for crafting and executing a visionary strategy that encompasses every aspect of marketing and branding. My focus extends from shaping the overarching vision and strategy to implementing a comprehensive branding update and refining marketing positioning. Engaging in B2B tools and communication strategies, I love to lead a dynamic team ensuring an innovative and compelling online presence.


My responsibilities include overseeing the creation of captivating marketing materials, utilizing cutting-edge design and copywriting techniques. I curated extensive branding kit and guideline, ensuring consistency across all platforms for my previous clients. I orchestrated special marketing campaign that not only reaches B2B audiences but also successfully raised $600,000 in funds.

In the realm of AI image research, I love to lead teams of skilled graphics and motion designers, propelling brand to the forefront of technological innovation. From Jumbotron designs in Times Square to Gala Marketing Strategy and Creative Campaign, I seamlessly blend design, social media, and PR content to create unforgettable public promotional campaigns. My role is not only about meeting goals but setting new standards, pushing boundaries, and fostering a culture of innovation within the marketing department.

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