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Juliette is a dynamic advocate for visual artists across a diverse spectrum of practices. Her expertise has empowered them to forge new partnerships and seize opportunities within the United States. From professional coaching and gallery outreach to negotiating agreements and coordinating shipments, Juliette serves as a vital link between artists, galleries, and collectors.


Previously, Juliette dedicated two years to Chashama, a prominent New York City-based nonprofit that revitalizes vacant spaces for artists. During her tenure, she spearheaded communications and marketing efforts, playing a key role in the organization's annual fundraising gala. As a curator, she curated two cycles of lobby programming across five of Chashama's locations, providing a platform for 14 artists to showcase their work in Manhattan's bustling buildings.


Juliette's affinity for the arts traces back to her early career as a ballet and contemporary dancer, performing with esteemed companies such as The Ballet Preljocaj and Company Thierry Smits in Brussels, as well as internationally with the Chinese company JazzDuFunk. Her passion for artistic expression led her to establish the Festival LAUNDRY SERVICE in Paris, featuring 55 emerging artists spanning dance, circus, fine and digital art, photography, short film, and installations.


In 2014, Juliette co-directed Derviche Diffusion in Paris, pioneering a novel approach to promoting theater and dance across Europe, collaborating with 90 diverse companies. Her extensive experience in administration, production, touring, and management has fostered enduring relationships with artists, as well as public and private institutions alike.

Creative, enthusiastic, and resourceful, Juliette has consistently demonstrated her prowess and reliability across various artistic domains.

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