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Based in New York City, Juliette represents visual artists from a wild range of practices. Her work has enabled them to make new partnerships and develop opportunities in the US. From professional coaching, Galeries outreach, agreement negotiation, and shipment coordination, Juliette creates bridges between Artists, Galleries, and Collectors.

Today, Juliette also works with SUPERBIEN, a creative studio for extended experiences for which she manages the Studio Communications and Art Initiative.

For about 2 years, Juliette worked with Chashama, a non-profit organization in NYC that transforms vacant spaces for Artists. She handled the Communications and Marketing department and supported the company for their Gala Annual Fundraising.


As a curator, Juliette organized 2 cycles of Lobby programming in 5 of Chashama’s locations, enabling 14 artists to showcase their work in the most frequented building of Manhattan. 


Working amongst artists, as always been part of Juliette’s life, starting with her performing career. After graduating from one of the most prestigious Ballet Dance schools, Juliette worked for 10 years as a ballet and contemporary dancer with European and International dance companies such as The Ballet Preljocaj, Company Thierry Smits in Brussels, or the Chinese company, JazzDuFunk.

While she was dancing in Europe, Juliette created the Festival LAUNDRY SERVICE in Paris, programming 55 different emerging artists from a broad range of fields: dance, circus, fine and digital art, photography, short film, and installations. 

In 2014, Juliette co-directed Derviche Diffusion in Paris, a company with a new approach to the promotion of Theater & Dance work in Europe where she worked with 90 different companies. With her experience in administration, production, touring and management for performing art companies, Juliette has built strong relationships with artists, public and private institutions.

Creative, enthusiastic, and full of precious resources Juliette has already achieved and proved herself in different artistic fields as being performant and trustworthy.

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