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Swan Scalabre

Oil Painting 

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Swan's statement

Swan Scalabre reveals her dreamlike imagination to us and casts a silent gaze on women and the sense of their femininity. It is about nostalgia, memory, dreams, and sometimes pain.

Swan finds inspiration in the images of Épinal from her childhood, tales, historic films, and their iconography.

Since she studied at The Beaux-Arts in Paris, her career is eclectic and diverse, and her work reflects this artistic journey. Oil paintings on wood, watercolor drawings, private notebooks, secret boxes, Swan builds a rich pictorial universe revealing step by step a world that belongs only to her.




Swan Scalabre was born in 1977 in France in the light of the Alpes de Haute Provence. Her art studio is currently in the Gers. After graduated from The Beaux-Arts in Paris, she studied for 6 years in the studio of Annette Messager and Tony Brown. She won a scholarship and finished her apprenticeship at Call Arts in California. After having exhibited her images-objects in France and abroad, Swan worked as an artistic director in Communications and Fashion for several years.

Spotted by the Canal+ group, she designed and hosted a show called "CANAILLE +" on Canal + family channel. DIY topics and decoration trends for children. Then it is for adults and on the MAISON+ channel that she presents her creations and tips on television. In 2015, she left the media industry and opened her first boutique in Paris in the 7th arrondissement. Inside her cozy boutique "MINUIT", she makes princess dresses and accessories.


In 2017 Swan opened a new shop in Lectoure and devoted herself to a more pictorial work: drawing, watercolor, and oil painting. A poetical and feminine work with a constant desire to escape reality and temporality. Besides painting on canvas, she also illustrates tales for children, creates private commissions, and offers classes in her studio in Lectoure.

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