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Franck Pellegrino



Multidisciplinary artist, Franck Pellegrino is playing with a wide range of supports between graffiti heritage and visions of life. His compositions transport the viewer through his adventures through using  primary forms with many details provided, structuring his works with a subtle geometry. 



Video of urban work

Originally from the South of France, the Alpes Maritimes marked durably Franck’s life. This urban environment influenced his vision and led him to develop the outline of a formal language erecting sensitive bridges between typography, forms and ornaments. In his teens, skate, graffiti, illustration and graphics are the cornerstones of this self-taught artist.  Over the course of his career he then develops his taste for craftsmanship in his own contemporary modernity. Always looking for new media to express himself, Franck uses walls as canvases to tell his stories about the epidermis. In 2012, he joins an iconic tattoo parlor in Paris, where he tattoos with a fine line and great details fragments of life, travel memories or mingle distant landscapes and typography iconic of his graphic style.


During that time, Franck Pellegrino affirms his art by the daily use of a purified black and white, to create contrasting images, where the force is nestled between the full and the untied. This series will gradually give way to the discovery of a polychromic language characterizing his current work, made of sober shades, and tone on tone. 


During his solo show “Escale” in Paris in 2018, colors are available in nuances on canvas as well as on fabrics, the artist’s favorite new medium. Thus, the materials mingle, weaving between them the memories, the continents, the human beings.

On the canvas, Franck Pellegrino projects abstract and dynamic forms, drawing utopian landscapes against a backdrop of digital composition. It contains familiar images, letters and words that connect us to these moments of our personal journey, almost initiatory, to which the artist invites us.

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